We are
SaaS geeks solving climate change
not settling for 2°C
walking the talk
masters at scaling data
rapid assessment gurus
your best hope
climate foodies
B2B and fun
so transparent it’s ninja
climate champions
fixated on the goal
a quirky bunch
checking our footprint. And yours
gosh darn nice people

No heads in
the clouds

We distill decades of climate research in pixels to reach the responsible to halt climate change: The food industry. We do not subscribe to smokescreens and greenwashing.

We show what is – to food producers and to consumers. This is our climate transparency manifesto.

We’re all about change

It’s not you, it’s us

The CarbonCloud mind always seeks truth with integrity and does so openly and without prestige. We want to do better, be better. The CarbonCloud heart is kind, sees the best in people and feels no fear when there is work to be done. We are transparent and honest. And in that spirit of honesty, it’s not really just us. It’s you, too.

Climate impact made visible

“We wanted to impact consumers to drive the change and understand the climate footprint of food. That’s why we decided to calculate the climate footprint of our products with CarbonCloud: To focus on the number that drives this change. For me, printing the climate footprints of each product is the way of helping consumers and ourselves as food brands.”

“From my initial phone call, I knew that CarbonCloud was the right partner for us”

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