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What's the footprint of your food?


The footprint values on our menus indicate the amount of greenhouse gases, which were caused by the production of each dish ́s ingredients.


As a restaurant, our impact on the environment is highly dependent on the type of food we serve.


Scientific data on the life cycle of our ingredients is used to calculate the emissions in kilograms CO2 equivalent per serving.

a vegetable dish, like lentil ragou with potatoes

1 km

pasta with vegetable sauce or veggy curry with rice

3 km

a portion of chicken with side dishes

4 km

a portion of fried salmon with side dishes

5 km

an average meal in Sweden has carbon footprint of about 1,4 kg CO2 eq

7 km

a dish with lots of dairy, like mozarella sallad

8 km

an 180 g beef steak with side dishes

40 km

Greenhouse gases from private consumption in Sweden

Consumption of food produces about 1,8 tons of CO2 eq per year

On average every Swede causes about 7,2 tons CO2 eq emissions every year

The Global Picture

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