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We support the world in a transition to climate smart eating habits

Food accounts for about 20% of the worlds total emission of greenhouse gases. Good news is that European food consumers has the potential to lower their climate footprint from eating with over 60% without downsides. The trick is to make the impact visible. For that reason CarbonCloud has developed an innovative kitchen management and climate label system to support the worlds food service industry in a transition to climate smart eating offers and habits.

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Impact Services

The core of CarbonClouds service offer is to help the global food service industry to substantially lower it´s carbon footprint but also to improve profit margins by promotion of high margin food offers and by supporting cost efficient kitchen processes and by generating happy and loyal customers. The trick is making impact visible and the solution is CarbonAte.


CarbonAte is a web based restaurant menu planning and carbon footprint calculation tool that helps restaurant managers and chefs to develop and promote climate smart dishes. The system is fast and easy to use for the kitchen and easy to understand for the guests. The core of the system is the footprint calculator and the climate labels that supports the kitchen manager when planning the menus and the guest when choosing which dish to eat.

Main Features Include:

  • Calendar based menu planning tool for single or multiple restaurants.
  • Carbon footprint calculator
  • Third party verified carbon footprint index database for product categories and individual food products
  • Visualization toolbox to generate customized restaurant menus with climate footprint labels for printouts, display screens or websites

“We make visible impact by making impact visible”


The founding members of CarbonCloud has been instrumental in the set-up and execution of several unique and inspiring projects showing the embedded potential of empowering consumers to make climate smart decisions by making impact visible. Find out more about the inspiration behind CarbonCloud below.


Chalmers Conference & Restaurants is the main food supplier at both campuses at Chalmers University of Technology, and is owned by the student union. Across their nine restaurants, they serve 17000 plates of food each week, plus salads, snacks and sandwiches in their cafes. The kitchen manager Stefan Wärmell who is responsible for creating the menus, takes pride in the way they continuously vary their offer and adapt their dishes based on the primary products that are in season over the course of the year. He likes his new tool for working with their climate impact. “We implemented CarbonAte during the spring of 2016 and it’s an extremely fast, user friendly and inspiring tool to use when creating and managing our lunch menus”, says Mr. Wärmell.

Jesper Lundberg, CEO at the Chalmers Conference & Restaurants, is also positive to the effect from the introduction of the climate labels, “It really has been appreciated by our guests, as we have received plenty of positive feedback and actually nothing negative”.

The head of the Environmental Department at the University, Maria Djupström, is also positive, since CarbonAte provides them with a tool to track and mitigate the emissions from the food served on campus “For a knowledge based organization, such as a University, the food makes up a substantial share of the climate footprint, but until recently we had no tool for tracking nor working with these emissions”.

Kökschefen på kårresturangen

Maria Djupström

Stefan Wärmell

People enjoying food at Kår Resturangen

Key Team Members

The team behind CarbonCloud combines decades of leading edge climate impact research with long business executive and entrepreneurship experience. Our services are developed and provided using state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies.

David Bryngelsson

Chief Executive Officer

"A pedagogical and inspiring presenter with a scientist brain, an entrepreneurial heart and a business mind"

Fredrik Hedenus

Chief Scientific Officer

"A brilliant scientist who can communicate with normal people and understands how science can make a difference for real”"

Andreas Vrålstad

Chief Technology Officer

"A tech wiz who get's bored without the opportunity to push boundaries and the workload of three normal persons"

Håkan Axelsson

Chairman of the Board

"A true ”Jedi Knight” of green tech entrepreneurship with tons of business experience from multiple start-up projects as well as business executive positions in the utility industry "

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